• Who am I ?

    Who am I ?


    Who am I ?

    My work of emergence being completed, I can very simply answer this existential question because I know now who I am: I am the creator and I project myself eternally in the whole of my creation.

    When I am in Presence rather than in consciousness, I instantly recaliber my multidimensional capacities: at the same time I do not speak to anyone since I am the one and yet my humanity speaks to you. I am responsible for every atom in motion and yet my humanity shapes only a personal reality. I am the holder of all that emerges and yet my humanity owns its own inventions.

    I can henceforth be only myself, everywhere and every moment, through space and time. I claim all my frequencies of consciousness, I am also the human, the spirit and the emptiness. None of these spaces is more important than another, they are all fully me.

    I know how to define each of my dimensions through a very rigorous symbolism and here below, it is indeed within the material that my truth is expressed. My physical space, infinitely real and carrying all imaginable potentials, obeys extremely precise codes: I am at the same time the void and the full, without distinction. I therefore have no desire to deny my human existential matrix, I can only incarnate myself in joy and happiness.

    It is then that the miracle occurs, I am human, purely human, merely human! I am this body, this woman, this wife, this mother, this friend, this professional, this whole personality and moving.

    Today, it is humanity that expresses itself here, for this dimension is mine, I am at the origin of it: every step, every gesture, every emotion, every choice, every thought, every claim Creative, each word are absolute perfection lived in the most complete neutrality.

    So who am I ?

    I am 50 years old, I am married and mother of three big children. In this life, I have traveled the paths of consciousness for ten years and have a great experience in the "development of being". I no longer know what suffering is, I have invented a playful and joyful existence in which abundance reigns supreme. I am what I call a luminic human, free from all constraints.

    Do not imagine that I was born "headdressed": I experienced depression, suffering and even death during my stay in India. I hated this world and it made me feel good. I have experienced the want, the financial difficulties, the despair of a body which is disintegrating, and the extravagant and tranquil life I lead today, I owe it only to myself.

    It is from this humanity that I now organize my professional activity: I wanted to establish a fusion between the sexual environment and the spiritual environment within my own home, giving birth to the Domaine Eros / Center Quanta'Soi . I work with my husband, the latter being one of my oldest karmic companions.

    We have been able to transform our faults into an unspeakable force: I have transcended my alimentary impulses by means of a protocol of my own which I call "luminous nourishment", and Reynald has balanced his sexual pain at the heart of an intelligent consciousness And stable. Our profession is therefore nothing other than the extension of the two global entities that we are, this particularity enabling us never to have the feeling of working but to exist and to play.

    Reynald accompanied me with much love and patience in the exploration of my food consciousness, I did the same with him, allowing him to appease his sexual consciousness, our feminine and masculine energies, Finally expressing without constraint.

    In this unified unit, we validate our HUMANITY with humility and benevolence, without omitting anything: we are as we are, each of our dimensions expresses a reality outside any shackles, all morals, thus establishing the conscious structure of a New way of LIVING.



    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier,

    Manager of Domaine Eros / Centre Quanta'Soi, quantum therapist, trainer and quantum sociology .....

    Contact by email only: mesnetjc@gmail.com






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