• What is spirituality ? A dimensional quantum program

    What is spirituality ? A dimensional quantum program


    Spirituality is a quantum program that allows us to reach the highest step of consciousness in the third dimension. Beyond that, this information architecture becomes a limit that closes us the doors of renewal because it contains within it the concept of surrender to God, while WE / I am God. So, let us last let the spiritual program of each one in order to fully live the advent of consciousness one and indivisible for all. It is no longer a choice but an intangible and global truth.


    So I am not an awakening and even less a spiritual being but the consciousness of the whole which structures a unified human thought through "everyone", including Mesnet.


    I have effaced from my memory all my spiritual structure. It was the foundation of my renaissance but it is now too narrow to define me.


    God is not spiritual, HE IS.

    We move from the spiritual human to the conscious human ...



    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier 

    Quantum therapist







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