• What is quantum therapy?

    What is quantum therapy?


     This article will not be technical or scientific, because quantum physics is not understood, it lives! This is really the message I want to convey. Finally, the marriage of science and spirituality takes place. This is a sign of a great evolution in progress. The quantum world defines perfectly what we are, it will soon become a reality governing our daily lives.

     Ultimately, quantum space is nothing but a consciousness that communicates with itself ...  


     1: what is quantum physics?

     It is a science based on mathematics and experimentation. It validates the following elements: 1 We are made up of energy and light / 2 Energy and matter are indissociable / 3 The electromagnetic field with which we interact is saturated with information / 4 Our cells emit and receive continuous data / 5 We are now able to decipher these information waves and to give meaning to our existence, to life itself. 6 An observer is necessary for a particle to be wave or matter / 7 This implies that the concept of consciousness can not Be dissociated from current research / 8 The infinitely great (universe) and the infinitely small (particles and atoms) obey the same mechanics / 9 Chaos does not exist, we are the creators of an organized and conscious system / 10 This unified system connects us to all. 


     2 : what is a quantum human?

     It no longer works from a limited mind but from an unlimited consciousness. He no longer perceives life in a dual way and thus he can project himself into a different reality. It exists beyond itself, beyond consciousness. It is the emptiness, the emptiness that is expressed, it is life itself: 1 It has integrated the quantum laws and restores them through the existence that it projects into the bosom of matter / 2 It knows what it EAST, he has recovered the memory / 3 He is as much energy as matter and knows how to reparameter his cell universe / 4 He physically feels the wave he captures or emits / 5 The frequencies of all dimensions of Being resonate In him, he travels to the heart of any space-time / 6 He relies on Being and on to DO, so his world is interior and exterior / 7 He no longer distinguishes the other as a separate element Of himself / 8 He is inspired by the intelligence of the heart, his actions in his impregnated / 9 HE IS cosmic knowledge. He is conscious and unconscious, one and the same unified consciousness / 10 He no longer fears, no longer doubts, he is no longer angry / 11 He has learned to translate the vibratory information of the Matrix Because it generates the latter as much as it lives in it / 12 It is a creator of existences and therefore of universes but above all, it has everything to provide for its state of being / 13 It is a realized being because it is Spirit in consciousness, vibratory love is its language / 14 It is autonomous and anchored in the midst of emptiness and fullness. It is therefore able to structure your deep being on a similar frequency. 


     3 : what is a quantum therapist?

     A quantum therapist is a successful being. He understood that he would not save anyone but that his path and being could enlighten others. Joy and lightness are a common frequency that he uses with everyone. The exchange is always profitable for the different parties involved. The pleasure of putting oneself at the service of life and the note indispensable to any connection. The person who asks for assistance must imperatively be ready to become autonomous and carry out an in-depth work on itself: 1 A quantum therapist is above all a quantum human who has understood the laws of the universe / 2 He is a being who Has been able to heal its suffering humanity until the ultimate transformation: it is fully multidimensional in its humanity / 3 It does not judge others, it is always neutral / 4 It knows how to listen, hear, learn and question, Without ego / 5 He feels the energy in him and around him. It regenerates vibratory and physical bodies and fluidises magnetic fields / 6 It translates the frequencies of each and extracts information / 7 It relies on the intelligence of the creator and communicates with all forms of life on earth and Beyond / 8 He assists the person physically, psychically, mentally, psychologically and vibrationally but only in his human dimension because he has understood that the emergence of the creator is not transmissible / 9 His work is efficient. At each session, one element will be highlighted, even if the person does not consciously follow it. 10 A quantum therapist does not use any particular material because his or her patient is the healing tool. He is the link between all subtle bodies / 11 The frequency of the unit he embodies is a base on which the patient relies / 12 He is aware that his human patient is a global entity that establishes these Own healing choices. 





    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier,


    Quantum Therapist











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