• The heart chakra

    I no longer use the chakras (except the hearth chakra), but a new energy map. The chkra of the heart is only one of my potentials but I can olso use no quantum tools.


    The heart chakra

    I have preserved only one chakra, that of the heart. I have nervertheless changed the vibratory tessitura : it''s no longer a question of recording a frequency of human love but of making there resonate a new energy, that of neutrality, the latter being the fire of love unconditionnal.

    I stimulate this reality within my humanity from the vibratory skeleton: this one solicits the solar consciousness and the terrestrial consciousness ... one and the same consciousness.


    The heart chakra therefore remains a quantum engine of love, but the latter vibrates with a neutral and unaffected global consciousness.

    True love is therefore an energy, that of neutrality.

    Energy and details in this french book : HERE



    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier,

    Quantum therapy,





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