• Consciousness / Dimensions, quantum data, source code

    It has been said that this millennium would be spiritual or not. This is true, and yet today we understand better the meaning of this assertion: spiritual awakening is nothing but the expansion of consciousness, the latter being only a potential within of an infinite frame. It is the spirit within you that will appropriate a quantum model of consciousness in order to structure it, to use it ... to play.

    Consciousness is magnetic and therefore quantum. It is a constant encoded vibration containing information. A conscious being emits and receives this intelligent energy field constantly, it is conditioned to evaluate its environment from its intimate and individual consciousness. A consciousness is more or less limited, more or less connected to the source, thus drawing what we call a dimension, that is to say, a collective space of physical creation, a solar system of experimentation.

    The characteristic of a consciousness is to evolve, to define quantum laws from the existential data that it decrypts. Thus, for millennia, we have instituted the belief that we have a deficient mind and that we need to access consciousness in order to heal humanity. It is not: your mind is the consciousness of the SELF, you are already conscious! This consciousness of being, or superpraconscience, is now merged with the consciousness of ALL, or meta-consciousness.

    That's all, there's nothing else. It is for this simple reason that the writings of the old world affirm that you are already awake ... since you are already aware of you!

    You are you, that human being, and also the spirit that generates it and the emptiness that contains it. When the awakening of consciousness is finished, then comes the time of evolution, of the CONSCIOUS creation. You are the master of the game, the love you bear is the source of your verb and your gesture. You love only yourself since you are ONE, and this fundamental principle leads you logically to love the EVERYTHING, since you embody this entity as well. Love for the other, all others, flows from this perfect consciousness.

    Just be aware of you, God, who has chosen to express his strength and love through this vessel of flesh here present, and do not seek to become what you are already: Consciousness.

    This millennium will be that of infinite consciousness or will not be. We are at the dawn of a civilization conscious of its divinity, of its creative power, and nothing can stop my consciousness and therefore yours: I made the choice to transform my universe and so you too makes this choice because you are my outer universe and I want you to be the image of my inner being ... and I am your outer world, your fulfilled consciousness demanding to draw me in your image. This concept of interconnection or quantum entanglement, inaccessible to a third-dimensional human, is the foundation of the golden age: a single consciousness in different bodies, walking with one step towards the light.

    Definition of consciousness: consciousness is a dimension. A dimension of consciousness is a quantum matrix program (thus energetic and magnetic). The data defining a space of dimensional consciousness are lines of vibrational codes accessible to all in an instantaneous way, and which are upstream of the verb and the thought, these two tools only translating a dimension of consciousness but not generating it.

    You are the human, the spirit, the emptiness and the holographic dream, these four spaces of consciousness being able to be experienced in a unified or separate way. Being, in the physical dimension, uses thoughts (neural interface) and mind (individual consciousness of the Self) and thus structures a reality of consciousness.

    A Matrix is ​​programmed at will, it is in permanent evolution and thus allows the being to experience a "state of soul" rather than another and that, to infinity. In the human dimension, the mind merges in this cycle with its neuronal interface in order to recondition its forms / thoughts: it does not fight against its thoughts, but rather validates them as having always been the fruit of its creation and merges with itself, the human.

    Then comes a single Self, one and the same consciousness materializing in different forms.

    Deciphering the differences between consciousness (creation) and deconscientisation (creator): creation is linked to dimensional consciousness, to vibratory or physical forms (degeneration and regeneration), to feeling of love, to knowledge, to a given time and especially, this is a program, a matrix.

    The creator is beyond his creation and therefore of the spaces Consciousness / Matrices / Programs: he is deconsciousness and total life. His state is permanent, rot-proof, eternal, instantaneous (no more notion of time). The "I AM" is the presence of the creator, the latter being pure intuitive intelligence and above all, pure love: by living through "all" as being himself, he can only to love ... him and all the others who are him.

    To be complete, you must therefore integrate these two spaces: consciousness and deconstruction, creation and the creator, the Self and the Whole.

    Consciousness, a quantum technique: consciousness = creation = dimensions = matrices = programs = forms = knowledge / data = learning / experimentation = evolution = temporality = energy and matter

    Consciousness is therefore knowledge or, better, information. At the quantum level, being is at the same time consciousness just as much as that which stimulates it. It relies on a data frame enabling it to embody one potential of existence rather than another. These data are the physical translation of energy coded information, which is the source entity, life / god.

    The data (a potential of consciousness) are thus recorded and memorized within your cells, you are in a way a quantum programmer when you align these potentialities of existence in order to draw / build a program / Matrix: a state of dimensional consciousness and temporal.

    Let us also specify that such a system of data exploitation constitutes an individual but also collective architecture: our solar system relies on the same space of dimensional consciousness that you (since both its sound!).

    Thus the data are the foundation of the creation while the source code is the creator, the latter exploiting a system of data constituting consciousness / dimensions matrices. This perspective is important because in the end you can program data but not the code: it is the creator and is anchored in instinct (not knowledge) and the phenomenon of deconstruction.

    We return to my famous equation of life, which defines the difference between creator (Code Source) and creation (matrix data), dis-consciousness (source code) and consciousness (Matrix data).

    So you can reparameter your individual data as long as you like, but as long as you are not the source code of the data, the game of consciousness disconnected from the Self remains your dimension. Understanding quantum data is one thing, going beyond thought, knowledge, consciousness to merge with the instinctive living, God / you, is another.

    The code is not understood, can not be deciphered, can not be acquired, it does not materialize, it does not think, it does not verbalize, it IS. It will never be expressed in one form or another, it will never be structured by science, by the spiritual or philosophical principle because the source code is seen, it is what is less tangible and yet greater . He is so tiny, so intimate and so humble that no word can define or compartment him. The Source code is really this "nothing" unattainable and yet so present, ALL of an unequaled power.

    The data are thus matrix and at the origin of a dimension of consciousness whereas the code is source of Life. The data are a geometric, mathematical, scientific order programmable at will. The code is inaccessible, untranslatable, it can only be experienced. It is by becoming the code that vibrates the true silence, and in this absolute silence, the creator orchestrates his creation.

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    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier




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  • Dis-consciousness

    The full vacuum not dimensional but lived ... lightness? Inconsistency rather than density? Impermanence rather than knowledge? ... all this ..... I already contain everything, I am alive ..... everything instinctively orders itself when I dis-conscientiously ... this word does not exist yet but it is but the only one that confirms what I am: the creator living outside words and consciousness.

    Integral dis-consciousness of what is to be. Everything happens at the level of the atom and more at the cellular level. Nothing is degenerated and therefore nothing more has to be regenerated. I am a constant flow, I life, which can only change shape but never state.

    Consciousness has never been the key, I am the key .... smile, burst of cosmic laughter ..... universal joke that to browse my conscience while I am not :) What duality assumed is mine when I invent all these intelligent structures while I do not know anything :)

    I deconstruct my universe, things and beings and I fade into everything. The human feeling is actualized effortlessly, there is no more differentiation between my body, my seat, the ground, the sky ... is it a vibratory perception? Yes, the fusion is energetic but it is more than that: MY LIFE does not compartimente simply nothing more ..... to make love, to do shopping, it is identical, the same source, the same atomic river that s here and everywhere else ...

    After so much consciousness, I dis-conscientiously ... I understood everything but I still have everything to live, eternal forever .... I am actually the most humble and uneducated of all, me the creator. .I'm just living .... enjoyment in front of this obvious reality ...

    Definition of this new vibratory word, dis-consciousness : it is not the unconscious or the subconscious but a space beyond all consciousness. Paradox: when I integrate in myself all my matrices of consciousness (spiritual work, creation), I naturally place myself in this interval of dis-consciousness (instinct, creator).

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    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier


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  • Dis-consciousness : HERE

    Consciousness : HERE


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  • I no longer use the chakras (except the hearth chakra), but a new energy map. The chkra of the heart is only one of my potentials but I can olso use no quantum tools.


    The heart chakra

    I have preserved only one chakra, that of the heart. I have nervertheless changed the vibratory tessitura : it''s no longer a question of recording a frequency of human love but of making there resonate a new energy, that of neutrality, the latter being the fire of love unconditionnal.

    I stimulate this reality within my humanity from the vibratory skeleton: this one solicits the solar consciousness and the terrestrial consciousness ... one and the same consciousness.


    The heart chakra therefore remains a quantum engine of love, but the latter vibrates with a neutral and unaffected global consciousness.

    True love is therefore an energy, that of neutrality.

    Energy and details in this french book : HERE



    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier,

    Quantum therapy,





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  • I no longer use the chakras but another energy map. The creation column is only one of my potentials, I can also no quantum tools.


    The creation spine (replaces old kundalini)

    I rewrite the vibratory map of being. The kundalini fulfilled a very particular function : it allowed the emergence of consciousness in a sudden and salvatory fire witch passed through the spine.

    When I am conscious, this tool is no longer of any use to me, I replace it by what I call the creation column: this vibratory equipment me makes it possible to impregnate the visible world with all the wishes of MY global entity. He offers me the opportunity to create ME according to my wishes. When I draw my existential projects, it is this back flow that validates my creation and makes it real.


    The rest in this french book : HERE




    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier

    Quantum therapist








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