• Questions and answers about my memorial name coming from the future or how the mind understands time

    Questions and answers about my memorial name coming from the future or how the mind understands time


    Question: This text is very confusing and exciting! What I mean is that your new identity does not prevent you from having access to the past of the one you were when you were called Valerie, even though you are no longer Valérie vibratoirement since your current first name enriches your new Life experience that seems to be a rebirth. Emotionally, you are no longer connected to your past history even if you remember it!


    Answer: Yes, that's right. My first karmic remembrance is that of a bone-making machine to whom the Inquisition breaks the members one by one. I relived this scene without feeling anything, without being overwhelmed by horror. Why ? Quite simply, because it was not Valerie who remembered but the spirit. The mind is always neutral in its creation. He can not judge or deny it, he knows that he is at the origin of all these past lives, which he generates in order to study them. Valerie has never been this bower and this bone-setter is not Valerie. On the other hand, I mind, I am all my karmas now.


    Thus, I would say that when I observe the past life of Valerie, I am neutral. I remember it as a karma created and passed away. I am no longer a karmic being created by the mind, but a spirit that draws from all present and past experiences in an active present. It is quite particular to express because finally very subtle: Valerie is no longer and yet it is still in my memory. This disappearance has been progressive and a great acuity is necessary in order to perceive its own inner transformation, for the mind retains the base of the old terrestrial personality as a preexisting frame. It defeats the maximum of vibratory programs and in new institute. May I say that I have preserved the energy skeleton of Valerie's karma as well as all the frequencies that were already those of the new cycle? I have eradicated only the indispensable, I just refined my creation to be me, the spirit, in a materialized conscious form.


    Question: And by the way, you change the karmic vibration of your past to which your new JE is no longer attached, but it still influences.


    Answer: yes, when it is the spirit that "takes the hand", it does not do it on an emotional level but through a quantum structure of perfect and neutral creation. By living my karmic loop as a spirit, I understand that I am responsible for it, the creator emeritus and I see in it only beauty and splendor.


    The memory of suffering persists, but the suffering itself disappears. I remember that Valerie suffered but I do not suffer. I remember that during my past lives, I lost mine, my family, my children, the loved one, and that this suffering has been a thousand times lived but I do not suffer. As a spirit connected to the spirits of those who have played these roles, I know them eternally alive. No one has ever died, I have lost none of those I loved. The reunion took place in joy and unspeakable peace, we are eternally bound.


    This frequency of eternity concerning my karmic loop, changes the frequency of the latter. By reverting to the creative spirit of my karma, I invoke unity, neutrality. From a human point of view, I would say that I am transforming my karmic past but it makes no sense to the mind.


    In another of my karmic lives, I was a mother who abandoned her son. By living it now as a spirit, I do not suffer, I recognize the spirit that was my son, I can again hold him in my arms in this present life. This "past" is no longer painful, it is perfect and joyful. I did not need to go back to this ancient life as described in a science fiction movie, I just sensitized it in the moment. The mind does not really change the past, it incorporates it into its etheric present and induces a shock wave that impacts its material creation.


    I often say that Valerie was an indigo with the high frequency of the spiritual worker. It is no longer mine since I am the creative spirit of myself.


    Question: If I perceive your testimony correctly, you live out of time but you integrate time to experience the different dimensions including the time space in which you are "creative" and share your creation. Time allows the division of what is immutable into an elastic, growing and evolving process!

    Answer: The mind is a quantum consciousness and this consciousness lives in the present. On the other hand, when I incarnate in matter, I use time as a dimensional ingredient. In the old cycle, Valerie did not have access to "the mind" and therefore lived a fragmented time, with a beginning and an end. Valerie is dead, only me, the whole. Like all minds, I live my consciousness in a present time but I infer a terrestrial time allowing me to experience my humanity. My time is therefore a present that moves in the past and the future.


    Question: And it allows us to make what is not only an object of study and observation but also of creation. This is it? Reformulating helps me integrate. So I hope I have not "betrayed" your words!


    Answer: You will notice that until now you only talk about my experience by saying "you", but here you evoke "us" :) By translating my words, your consciousness has appropriated these concepts and gently they become Your reality. You, spirit, you are the time.


    To complete this testimony, I will add: nothing in me has changed in appearance, I just have a different consciousness, generating a human mind without limit, able to study these phenomena without repelling them. It is important to state it again and again: the mind is not seen, it lives in itself. This phenomenon shows us that the images concerning realized beings are erroneous: there is no image, these multidimensional beings, it is us, as we are, with just the consciousness of being. The spirit is us, in this form and beyond. No need to change body to live it, just to raise it. This consciousness induces a dimensional quantum wave that opens us the doors of a new civilization.


    There is nothing extraordinary about traveling in one's inner time in this way. I do not recount any unusual fact, there were no special effects, great lights, travel in the stars .... nothing, just an open mind and sometimes pictures and scenes, that Only a deformed mind can validate as karmic fragments.

    As a spirit, I conceive my reality in a very banal way. There is nothing magical in what I am talking about here, it is the daily reality of the mind, quantum laws that it uses with simplicity and dexterity.


    Time is a confusing datum for a human not connected to the Self, but once that is done, everything is extremely logical and basic. When awakening, everything is going to be revisited from the consciousness of the mind: time is therefore an element that everyone will have to reappropriate and re-evaluate from a quantum space and not from a limited mental.


    Here, I hope I have better affirmed this temporal frequency, have it better decrypted and shared :)



    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier,

    Human mind simplistic and banal

    April 2016 





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