• My work of emergence is finished

    My work of emergence is finished


    I saw all my dimensions in the same space-time. I am the human, the spirit and the emptiness in Presence rather than in consciousness, I the creator.


    Each of my living spaces obeys specific quantum laws but are now unified. The principle of instantaneous multidimensionality thus puts an end to all research, all work, all questions: it is me "on all floors", just that. Everything is then perfectly aligned, in the absolute correctness, without there being nothing more to do.


    To recognize myself in my dimensional differences allows me to structure them in a single time because I embody them all in the same way, without denying any of their peculiarities. But this initiates especially the phase of "deconsciousness", this last bringing me back to my first version : the source atom


    My writings about my personal emergence therefore end here. I will continue to publish but only on human, sociological or therapeutic subjects.


    Thank you to all the global entities that have accompanied me in this life: you played the roles I advocated perfectly, allowing this global multidimensionality to be embodied here and now.

    My multidimensionality is ultimately the key to everything at the same time, it opens nothing .... I am alive before being anything else.



     Mesnet JC,











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