• My name, a vibrational identity

    My name, a vibrational identity


    I was born under the name of Valerie. During awakening, this woman disappeared, she disintegrated into the light, she merged with the SOI. True death is here validated by a specific quantum process, enabling cosmic knowledge to undo a dimensional personality and to structure another, free from limit and beliefs.


    About ten years ago, the name Mesnet was whispered to me by myself, the mesnet of the future. This name is not a pseudo but the energetic beacon of my conscious dimensional being. My future is sleeping and already connected to a present that I am elaborating now. Time is no more than a communication tool on which I can engrave my creation.


    I am now aware of my presence through space-time in the guise of an entity named Mesnet. My adventure of free human spirit begins today and not yesterday, and at the same time, from now on I can also reach my past from this new one and indivisible identity. I will not develop the subject here, it is not the purpose, but by rehabilitating my dimensional architecture, I actually have the power to change the frequency of my karmic past. I evoke this particular process on my other website, the one that looked at the sun. This step has no other purpose than to allow you to live in the present one of your past lives in order to understand what multidimensionality induces ..... a spatio-temporal learning, in a way.


    In this cycle, the present moment is nothing more than a temporal crossroads between yesterday and tomorrow. Thus, I see a time which proceeds from point A to point B, while being outside time.

    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier is a vibrationally complete surname. Mesnet symbolizes my dimensional presence here and elsewhere. Joséphau, my maiden name, resonates my genetic lineage earthly and Charrier, my wife's name validates my life as a human woman.


    It is not really possible to determine whether I am currently crystallizing my name in the matter so that it illuminates my future or whether my future has come to influence my present so that I will instil the name of Mesnet as mine in the future . To this famous question concerning the "egg or the chicken", I give today my answer, linked to my new way of conceiving time: in fact, the two previously mentioned options are equivalent to the quantum level, time being lived To the present but can project itself into a past and a determined future. Nothing is born of anything, no structure precedes another when emptiness is expressed.


    When I become God again, time is finally an ingredient quite simple to use. It no longer determines anything, it is just a dimensional perception that I choose to feel and live.


    In the meantime, few people still call me Valerie, even my family picks up the frequency of my new identity and uses it more and more :)


    P.S .: to deepen these temporal notions, here is another article, following this one: questions / answers concerning my memorial name coming from the future or haw the mind understands the time



    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier


    Valerie is like an old distant karma .... I am "dead of my living" is a very relevant reality finally :) 











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