• Living without consciousness : my first steps

    Living without consciousness : my first steps


    Through consciousness I have sought since the dawn of time what I am already in the Presence. This quest is over, I'm alive, that's all I have to know, to understand, to validate ... and to live!


    If my thirst for knowledge ends, evolution is still relevant: this passage that brings me from the consciousness of life to life without conscience requires some adjustments:


    First, my new perception of consciousness changes everything: knowing that I am the creator of this quantum architecture but that I am not conscious, allows me to no longer focus on this study, it no longer interests me. Consciousness is only one of my toys and now it seems obsolete, overtaken by my reality of the moment. My venerable invention is ultimately cumbersome and useless. It is an efficient dimensional attribute but absolutely not indispensable.

    This gives rise to singular and amusing arrangements: the first days, during more or less long moments, I found myself empty head, literally: no thought, no consciousness .... nothing, and yet I m Activated at the heart of my home. However, as soon as I rehabilitated a space of consciousness, this fluidity of the gesture disappeared immediately: I wondered what I was doing in this room, what I had come to seek there.


    My conscience limited my creation! It weighed down the natural flow of life that knows, who makes, who commands. Alternating consciousness and life allowed me to compare and then choose the new identity that I want to terraform.


    At the moment, the process I'm introducing is slightly different: I fill my mind with disparate thoughts, they occupy the whole place but there is no reflex of consciousness: nothing in me decrypts this incessant hubbub, I am Upstream, in presence. This allows me to inhabit my creation (the tumult of multidimensional consciousness) while being the creator (in silence).


    I would like to point out that this is not the phenomenon of "spiritual abandonment": I do not abandon myself to anything, I am simply living and this reality is pure intelligence. This requires no study, no effort: in spiritual awakening, learning to surrender to a higher authority raises certain fears, whereas in this void without consciousness, I become banally myself, life.




    Mesnet JC,


     I no longer conscious my creation, I live :) 










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