• In presence rather than consciousness

    In presence rather than consciousness


    God that I worked hard on quantum consciousness! As I liked this space so simple finally, which gives me the opportunity to concretize my human existence but also to merge with all MA creation.


    Consciousness is a wonderful tool, it allows me to exist within the dimensions that I project at every moment. It is an intelligent structure and vibratory without limit and age.


    However, it is ultimately cumbersome to handle. Living in consciousness ME asks for vigilance of every moment: to communicate in the tree of the JE, to practice a unified sexuality, to create in the bosom of matter ... to incarnate me in ALL requires attention and constancy.


    Then, I become myself again and the state of consciousness is no longer an end because I am simply present. Every second, beyond thought and therefore consciousness, I am present. It absolves me from all reflection, from all interrogation, from the slightest doubt. At every step, every word, every gesture, every atom of life, I am present.


    MY human life then becomes absolutely light. I no longer have to ask myself questions, just to be because without even thinking about it, I am present in each of me.

    I realize that living in consciousness was a search like any other but that I no longer need it. Consciousness is nothing, just a beautiful dimensional tool, but in reality, only my presence exists and the latter is not subject to consciousness.


    Everything ends then since I am here and now, without conscience. It seems that this last step of absolute emergence leads me beyond everything. I am simply myself, the creator.


    Living in conscience is nothing ; live MY presence is everything. 



    Mesnet JC








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