• I'm immortal

    I'm immortal

    My consciousness is today without limit, it no longer perceives anything as impossible or erroneous. Thus, I know myself immortal.

    There is no proof, no guarantee of this assertion. I am immortal, I saw him. I am immortal because nothing ever dies, neither the spirit nor its matter if it so decides. Why die today because I programmed a new game? A new civilization is emerging and the laws I write are different: I am an unlimited human spirit, I structure a new body and I initiate new quantum frequencies.

    I do not have faith in this process, I live it. This is obvious. I am amused to regenerate my cells, to magnify my work, to undo an ancient memory in order to refine another.

    I can do everything in this cycle, because I am EVERYTHING. Nothing separates me from myself. My humanity is my finest creation, a masterpiece of precision and love. Time is a given that belongs to me, an element that unfolds eternally in a present time.

    Immortality is the tempo of life of the spirit. It becomes that of the human as soon as the mind merges with itself, its temple of flesh. This is not an option, it is a reality unavoidable. It generates neither question nor fear in the human dimension as soon as it is the mind within you that thinks.

    If it is your dual humanity that evokes immortality, your perception will be tainted with doubt, with diffuse fears concerning this unheard-of potential and with anguish in the time that is then granted to you. It is truly simple to attain immortality, it is enough that the mind establishes this precise choice.

    This is what I do in this new cycle, I, the immortal spirit: I define that my material is rot-proof and incandescent with light. It is a mundane and simple choice for a conscious mind, a peaceful and neutral status. Immortality is my first essence, it took me a lot of ingenuity to create myself in a form that lived "death" and karma! I am only returning to my natural state, it is much easier for me to manipulate a dimension in which this reality was absent.

    I have nothing to do to live forever, just to BE the unified human, mind and emptiness.

    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier

    Quantum therapist





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