• How to calm your couple

    How to calm your couple

    I have gone through time and space to become what I am today. I did not do it alone, a karmic partner accompanies me since the dawn of time. He is my spouse in this life and today we have merged into the love of the SELF.

    This fusion of consciousness only happens after the quantum separation of the bonds which connect us with our humanity and keep us under the yoke of lack and need. The appeasement that is mine is now his and reciprocally since we are one and the same consciousness. Our differences are unified, magnified through the atomic and cellular expression of our two bodies, our two existences.

    We are a conscious being :) The "we" is equivalent to "I", it sets the reality of the mind while instituting a differentiated physical space in this dimension. The 2 is 1 and the 1 is equal 2.

    We are a luminous mesh, a new potential because we have generated the fusion of souls while separating the quantum flux from our humanity.


    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier

    Quantum therapist





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