• From the pranic food to the luminic food

    From the pranic food to the luminic food

    The pranic space is a potential exclusively focused on the notion of the body: the latter becomes able to no longer ingest matter and to feed on light.

    The luminous being evokes its reality from the emptiness and not from its humanity, this dimension becoming one of the anchorages of the unified consciousness. So, I, the emptiness I do not eat and have never eaten because when I unfold the void that is mine, I already contain the full. This frequency is the base of the luminous power supply: I merge with what I eat, the matter no longer has any impact on my body.

    This evidence is one of the keys that Jesus wanted to send us through this "eat, this is my body" because actually, when it is me emptiness that expresses my being, "I eat eternally", since everything is Already me.

    Obviously, the notion of a balanced diet disappears in the luminic food : when I am the food that I inge, matter no longer has any influence on me, neither good nor bad. ... there is nothing left but joy without constraint or need !

    Another factor, and not the least, brought me to the luminic food : my immortality. This body is now what I am, it no longer knows degeneration, it is pure light. Thus, I feel no joy in contemplating an unlimited terrestrial existence without ever eating again. Prana is a challenge of change in a cycle where immortality is not acquired. But since my time on earth is endless, it's a luminous space that opens up to me.

    To sum up, I would say that the luminous food is related to immortality and emptiness and that it is not inspired by good food behavior but solely on pleasure.

    I am therefore neither vegan nor vegetarian since these protocols are based on a human program in order to stay healthy. The luminous food is wholly focused on the joy of eating OR not eating (equivalent pleasure!). The luminous supply does not fit into any box, it is what you are !

    The reality of the luminic feed is an option like another, it does not enter in opposition to the pranic protocol: there is not a truth but multiple perceptions. I am here only affirming my experience without questioning the beauty, the grandeur, the light of what my brothers and sisters live in this world ... pranic, luminic, vegan, carnivorous, all these potentials are of Any way the creator :)

    P.S: I do not eat any animals


    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier

    Quantum therapist





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