• First human being without chakras

    First human being without chakras

    The name of this new magnetic information : the ilojs (tools in esperanto)

    There was a time when the chakras were a viable and relevant evolutionary potential. Then I decided to structure other more efficient quantum tools. I have redesigned some old energy equipment to update it.

    Indeed, the chakras were a sort of automatic piloting that allowed the matter to take shape without the being aware of its energy. As soon as consciousness comes, they become insufficient to infuse renewal into a physical body.

    The kundalini was a booster of consciousness: it happened for some initiates through a powerful and unconventional energetic irradiation; Since the consciousness is unified, I no longer need a wave of awakening.

    The new frequency map that I am now provided with is simpler and naturally accessible to all those who also feel within themselves the limits of the old vibratory protocols.

    However, I have to complete this new reality: I, the creator, have no tools. I only feel the sparkling of my cells, from head to toe, in a uniform and global way. I no longer distinguish specific energy points, I am a UNIQUE point.

    Thus, when I am unity, I have quantum tools in which I have none, it is equivalent and it depends only on an actualized choice in the present moment. Everything is real and accessible, I can validate the universe of the chakras, use my new quantum tools or live with me as a totally interconnected and unified cell, everything depends on the dimension I wish to inhabit in the moment.


    French article


    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier

    Quantum therapist


    Here are my new quantum tools, they replace the chakras :

    The atomic nucleus (NA)

    Quantum skeleton

    The temporal plexus

    Toric breathing

    creation spine

    The heart chakra





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