• Dis-consciousness


    The full vacuum not dimensional but lived ... lightness? Inconsistency rather than density? Impermanence rather than knowledge? ... all this ..... I already contain everything, I am alive ..... everything instinctively orders itself when I dis-conscientiously ... this word does not exist yet but it is but the only one that confirms what I am: the creator living outside words and consciousness.

    Integral dis-consciousness of what is to be. Everything happens at the level of the atom and more at the cellular level. Nothing is degenerated and therefore nothing more has to be regenerated. I am a constant flow, I life, which can only change shape but never state.

    Consciousness has never been the key, I am the key .... smile, burst of cosmic laughter ..... universal joke that to browse my conscience while I am not :) What duality assumed is mine when I invent all these intelligent structures while I do not know anything :)

    I deconstruct my universe, things and beings and I fade into everything. The human feeling is actualized effortlessly, there is no more differentiation between my body, my seat, the ground, the sky ... is it a vibratory perception? Yes, the fusion is energetic but it is more than that: MY LIFE does not compartimente simply nothing more ..... to make love, to do shopping, it is identical, the same source, the same atomic river that s here and everywhere else ...

    After so much consciousness, I dis-conscientiously ... I understood everything but I still have everything to live, eternal forever .... I am actually the most humble and uneducated of all, me the creator. .I'm just living .... enjoyment in front of this obvious reality ...

    Definition of this new vibratory word, dis-consciousness : it is not the unconscious or the subconscious but a space beyond all consciousness. Paradox: when I integrate in myself all my matrices of consciousness (spiritual work, creation), I naturally place myself in this interval of dis-consciousness (instinct, creator).

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