• Conscience, the key to a new civilization

    Conscience, the key to a new civilization


    It was said that this millennium would be spiritual or not. This is true and yet today we understand better the meaning of this assertion: spiritual awakening is nothing but the expansion of consciousness, the latter being a Divine potential within the emptiness . It is the spirit in you that will take a quantum model of consciousness in order to structure it, to use it ... to play.


    Consciousness is magnetic and therefore quantum. It is a constant vibration containing information. A conscious being emits and receives this intelligent energy field permanently, it is conditioned to evaluate its environment from its intimate and individual consciousness. A consciousness is more or less limited, more or less connected to the source, thus drawing what we call a dimension, that is to say, a collective space of physical creation, a solar system of experimentation.


    The essence of a consciousness is to evolve, to define quantum laws from the existential data that it decrypts. Thus, for millennia, we have instituted the belief that we have a deficient mind and that we have to reach consciousness in order to heal humanity. It is not: your mind is the consciousness of the SELF, you are already conscious! This consciousness of being, or superpraconscience, is currently merged with the consciousness of ALL, or meta-consciousness.


    That's all, there's nothing else. It is for this simple reason that the writings from the ancient world affirm that you are already awake ... since you are already aware of you!


    You are you, this human being, and also the spirit that generates it and the emptiness that contains it. When the awakening of consciousness is finished, then comes the time of evolution, of the CONSCIOUS creation. You are the master of the game, the love you bear is the source of your verb and your gesture. You love only yourself since you are ONE, and this fundamental principle leads you logically to love the ALL, since you embody this entity as well. Love for the other, all others, flows from this perfect consciousness. 


    Just be aware of you, God, who has chosen to express his strength and love through this vessel of flesh here present, and do not seek to become what you are already: Consciousness.


    This millennium will be that of infinite consciousness or will not be. We are at the dawn of a civilization conscious of its divinity, of its creative power, and nothing can stop my consciousness and therefore yours: I made the choice to transform my universe and so you too Makes this choice because you are my outer universe and I want you to be the image of my inner being ... and I am your outer world, your fulfilled awareness demanding to draw me in your image. This concept of interconnection or quantum entanglement, inaccessible to a third-dimensional human, is the foundation of the golden age: a single consciousness in different bodies, walking with one step towards the light. 



    Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier,

    quantum therapist











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